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Rookie Blue Review: Walking Targets

After reviewing the promo again for next week's finale, Ford is wearing Oliver's police jacket. You can see the name Shaw engraved on the front. He obviously has taken Oliver's police uniform which is how he is able to sneak in the police station undetected.
I'm so ready for next Thursday but then again do not want the season to end either! Next summer is too far away!


Loved loved loved last night's episode! Fiona kicked butt as usual and I love that she doesn't need Michael to rescue her, she can get out of the sticky situations by herself. I understand why the writers are setting up a love triangle between Fiona and Jesse but there is no denying the love and chemistry between Fiona and Michael! And I don't believe Fiona has feelings for Jesse. The writers might dragged it out but in the end, she'll pick Michael.