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How I think the A team was formed




How I think the A team was formed


·         Courtney went to the sanitarium but when she was allowed out for the weekend she swapped places with Alison and no one believed Alison


·         The Radley sanitarium car in the Halloween episode belongs to Jenna


·         Jenna and Alison became friends in the institution


·         When Jenna was allowed to leave, Alison was allowed out for the weekend and they planned the whole "A" thing.


·         Then Alison went back


·         Jenna continued being “A” to Courtney and scared her for Alison because she was pretending to be Alison.


·         Mona and Lucas joined the team in the Halloween episode


·         Courtney realises that Jenna knows, so she went to her and said “if you keep my secret, I’ll keep yours” in the hospital.


·         Garrett checks Jenna out of hospital and they plan to kill Courtney


·         The night they plan to kill Courtney, Alison is allowed out of the sanitarium for a visit


·         Jenna and Garrett accidently kill Alison, thinking it was Courtney


·         Courtney is pretty much terrified for her life when she realized what happened so she pretends to be Alison [still], and joins the A team, but still helps the pretty little liars out and visits them every now and then, although they think they are dreaming

This is my first post and i plan on posting at least once a day as i have alot of information about pretty little liars, which i was love to share and discuss, but my friends show no interest

NEXT POST: twin theory; i will be discussing why i DO think there will be a twin plot

HINT: i have photos of alison and courtney in the same place at the same time (one of them in the background). keep a look out!



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