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@finch Well, to avoid a long drawn out conversation, all I'm going to say is Nikki and Paulo and Lincoln Lee. And, this is our favorite show on TV.


I agree with Mr. Finch and Tom. But, considering that Carter changed so much this season, and at the same time, she was totally credible. Care would get my "best character" award. Shaw switched sides too fast and Reese is still Reese...but maybe better. I loved the Stanton character in S1, but she was definitely the worst in S2. The weirdest thing was the speech at the end of God Mode. It was like "the machine hasn't called...meh. I guess we'll just go about our lives and if it calls, great. Oh yeah, sorry John for getting you in this mess." Then, the writers turned around and dropped tons of drama in Root's lap. It was just weird...one of those, "we don't know if we're coming back" endings.