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Sons of Anarchy Review: "Firinne"

a little correction... Clay did not kiss McGee on the cheek... that was flat out a man to man lip smacker!!! I've been on the edge of my seat yelling NO since Jax first put his arm around Trinity. My fav line was "I almost shagged my brother, do you know how humiliating that is" I was a tad disappoint in Cherry, though. She knew something was up since she found that money and heard the hustle and bustle about SAMCRO coming to Belfast. I did like that Tara stopped the kick for her baby. She really doesn't want to give the baby up if she is protecting it. But will her talk about the tat with her super haunt her in a possible reunion with Jax? I can see that they won' t be heading back home until that last episode... they ended that last season with Abel on a boat to who knows where... I'm sure this will be another cliff hanger that has us all waiting for that first commercial with previews of a new season that will still be months away... next tue can't come soon enough! Jax better not let that baby go! If he is thinking of leaving him behind for a better life what will he do when he finds out another baby is on the way?