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There is a puzzle brewing!
Of the two NCIS - this is the best. The team work and banter is more believably real and the quality of acting that much better - probably because Linda Hunt's (Hetty) presence elevates the acting of the others. This season's writing staff has incorporated many levels into the show - the end of each episode presents another question and puzzle piece. Miguel Ferrer is a stronger foil for Hetty and the team, than Clare Forlani was.
This episode was not as action oriented as usual, but the quiet simplicity of the presentation, the relaxed acting, and the depth of layers evoked palpable tension that echoes of actions to come. I hope the writers are able to maintain or slowly increase the tension as this episode somewhat promises a more dramatic conclusion to the season. If the writers are reading this, I hope they don't cop-out with some "hollywood" ending because I want to be taken on a WTF ride.

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