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Klaroline or Forwood?

the only good thing that may come up with this pregnancy is Hayley's death in the labor


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Klaroline or Forwood?

why do I have the feeling that Klaus' character will be ruined once and for all? I mean you have this deeply dysfunctional character and you give him the most idiot plotline ever..what's next ?Klaus getting deeply moved while he is changing dιapers...let's not talk about Hayley or Cami ..maybe Plec is dreaming to  transform him  him to a male whorelena(that would make him a golden..what?)

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I don't believe that I say that but I actually felt for Elena Gilbert...This episode was good enough for me..Damon and Elena weren't annoying..In fact their behavoir in this episode took me back in season 2..It was also nice to have MF'slittle gang acknowledging that they can't just do whatever supernatural shit they want to for their own benefit withought caring about the consequences(well ,if they had figured that out erlier they could avoid some death..)

NEGATIVES:1.Caroline calling Tyler all the time

                 2.Caroline's hair

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