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The Vampire Diaries Review: This Means War...

I sincerely want to see Jules heart ripped out. I cannot help myself, every episode is always awesome.

The Cape Preview: A Mixed, Confusing Bag

I love your review, I laughed when you wrote, "Maybe it would have served the CGI capabilities better to have called it The Squid." But like many others, i am going to watch and hope maybe they tweak or improve after pilot.

Smallville Review: "Supergirl"

Last night, I watch Smallville for the second time this season and probably about the fourth or fifth time in 10 seasons. I enjoyed the episode despite the feeling that I do not understand the mythology. One of these days, I should watch previous seasons so I attain an understanding but not at the top of my list to do. The review was succinct and does not give away too much of the story so that a person who reads the review can still watch the show. Just as fans do not like it when a clip from next week spoils the cliff hanger a review should keep the same in mind.