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Damon Salvatore Has Been a Bad, Bad Boy

The cloths are terrible! Why did they do this to him?


Yeah it was terrible watching Alicia figuring out that Kalinda slept with Peter... I hope she will go to Will and talk about it. I watched all the episodes of Gilmore Girls and loved Matt in it. And the scene between Kalinda and Cary (especially how he looked at Kalinda) reminded me of how he was on that show. I hope we will see more Cary in the upcoming episodes and season. I didn't really liked the case. But the role of America Ferrera was great. I hoped that she and Eli would kissed. But it is more in character that they didn't, so maybe it was for the better. I hope that she will back.


It was an amazing episode! The Isobelle twist was good. I only don't understand that she betrayed Alaric. Or was that part of the compulsion as well? And Liz knows everything now, assuming that Caroline told Matt about Damon and Stefan too. I wonder how that is going to play out. And I like the word cahoots, just a fun word

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Why the doppelganger?

Why do they need the doppelganger? And why the Petrova?

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New game! (Elimination game)

11 Elena

12 Katherine

11 Stefan

14 Damon

10 Jeremy

 9 Bonnie

13 Caroline

11 Tyler

9 Matt

10 Klaus

14 Elijah

11 Alaric

10 Jenna

7 Liz

9 John

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Bamon a threat to delena than stelena?

No I'm not saying he's gay, just that he doesn't really has a preference ;). But I don't think that the writers would go that far. It makes Damon less attractive (for me that is).

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