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I am disapointed that Dale got killed off. He was a rational thinker and a calm voice between Shane, Rick, and Andrea. They are going to have to up T-dog's part, I agree, he doesn't even have a voice. Darryl is cool. If I had to rely on a survivor, I say Darryl is the man. A young boy like Carl is going to make mistakes and cause problems.. too bad he had to learn it this way, by screwing up letting that walker go, or not telling anyone. It cost a life. They are going to have to get fuel to run generators or heat for winter? Arn't they?

Castle Review: A Grimm Case

I can't wait for next episode, "47 Seconds."They are building up thier relationship slowly, I get that, getting to know and trust each other.Not much lately about Gates, or Lanie and Kate haven't had a girls night out in a long time, and wonder if they go out for drinks sometimes to talk "bout stuff", while Castle has his poker night. That would be cool to see Lanie tell Kate, "what are you waiting for girl?"- I would have a hunk of that man- he's doable! You've had him hanging around you for 4 yrs, if you aint' getting someone else is going to steal him away...or Kate asking her how did they keep things hid so long between her and Espo, or what happened, Havier is nothing to toss back either! Part of me, wishes Castle would ask Kate for a walk in the park for just some alone time to tell her of his feelings. Maybe He could ask her what is she looking for in a guy-leading on the question, and gives her a promise ring. Just dreaming,to much a romantic.

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