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Jessica Szohr Covers 2 Magazine

Oh my god. Some of your Jessica bashers need professional help. I love Gossip Girl...but I also hate what it's doing to our "tween" population. Jessica Szohr isn't even that popular enough to garner this much hate. And she hasn't done anything wrong. It's not she's ever been arrested for a DUI, released a sex tape, or said something politically incorrect during an interview. Also, beauty is subjective but I think Jessica is very pretty. And she's got a model figure. Which I'm sure many of you online users do not have.

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Jeez you guys sound really pressed...

I like Bonnie but I doubt Kennett will happen. I just want her to have an interesting love interest, whether it be Kol or not. I'm interested to see what happens in that locker scene, though. 

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GG Blasphemy! This just in: Chuck NOT a God! Gasp!

I'm a Chuck/Blair shipper but by no means am I one of those extreme Chuck fans and extreme Blair fans. These people are blind to their faults. And what I hate most is how they begin worshipping Ed and Leighton -- like they're actually the characters they portray on TV. They put down other characters/cast members to bring CB and EL up. They want EL to date in real life. They hate Jessica because she's dating Ed (which makes NO sense). UGH. It's so frustrating!

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your love's a drug (Leighton Meester)


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