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Haaa forget to say something amazing Kristen Bell and Rachael adore that scene, maybe I would have liked to see the Bass family table, and I did not see Blair with little ... even so great chapter


Wow that's all ... no more gossip, no more drama Chair, Serena crushes no more, no more Gossip Girl ... adore this series, each chapter made ​​me angry, sad, kill me with laughter, made ​​me mourn, I fell in love Chuck and Blair undoubtedly every scene they did amazing, so I leave with a great taste, we may not have agreed a much chapters, but we were millions of fans, I loved to come to this blog every Monday and read mass hysteria that conveyed by each chapter was really fun, believe me I'll miss that too.
So I can only say that I love and will always love this series, all their music, their clothes and especially my beloved it's Girl's, I wish them well in their careers all cute will always continue viewing screen.

I lover so Gossip Girl ... XOXO.


I understand perfectly how you feel the truth is that chapter of yesterday left a void in me, as much confusion. I do not know how the producers came to this point because if we wanted to show a bottoming Chuck everything that was happening I think the scene with Blair was too much a part of me wants to think he has something planned to treat to justify this episode but otherwise seems to want to end definitively Chair.

I have low expectations for this season so it is no exaggeration to say but have broken my heart and my mind to Chair and I doubt that we have a final office, not after what we saw yesterday, is that their relationship after 4 seasons has been twisted and manipulative but I think that crossed the line and so far I do not think Blair should let this go so easily.

I feel sad I have nothing to say.

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First Video 6 season. (Spoilers)

First Video 6 season. Wow we finally have something ... the excitement builds, I hope you enjoy it, gives us many clues. Discuss please comment

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End of Season Ski Ausillo. (Spoilers)

Question: I think the Gossip Girl fandom has exploded after watching the promo for next week. ¿Hay algo que nos puede decir acerca de lo que está en el almacén para nosotros en la final? Is there anything that you can tell us about what's in store for us in the finale? -Marie —Marie Ausiello: Yo tengo tres cositas para ti, todos ellos extremadamente vaga: Ausiello: I have three tidbits for you, all of them extremely vague:

* Alguien se "ven" Gossip Girl. * Someone will “see” Gossip Girl. * La escena final del episodio contará con dos personajes-un hombre y una mujer. * The final scene of the episode will feature two characters – one male, one female. * La escena final antes mencionada no tiene lugar en Nueva York. * The aforementioned final scene does not take place in New York.


I can not wait any longer these days are endless, just hope the writers finally stop playing with us and give us the wonderful end of the Presidency. What are your forecasts??

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