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i do agree that prom was a little rushed - but it still had some cute/important bits in that so its alright.
i actually liked the flashbacks, i could see myself watching the spinoff if they carry on with it :)

Sneak Preview of "Valley Girls"

not sure hw the episode will be either, espec. as its the prom ep aswell.
is the guy she's with supposed to be rufus? (because in the promo the van der woodsen guy has blonde hair?)


i love it when gossip girl gets a comedic side, scene with georgina was funny
'can somebody get this crazy girl out of here' :)

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The Grandfather (Season 2)

PLEASE REPLY 2 THIS COMMENT!!i know that tripp was kinda drunk when he gave vanessa that hug, but didn't it seem a little too tender?(not sure if thats the best word...)And then with the fact that he's supposed to be a kind-of player - as reported on a spoiler - i wondered if that was supposed to mean anything? Or am i just getting a bit too deep??

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