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1) It might just be my inner fan-girl making a jump, but I very much enjoyed Bonnie confronting Elena about her pseudo-relationship with Damon. It’s nice to see those two remaining somewhat normal and being able to talk about boys on road trips. Plus, Damon’s “We kissed, now it’s weird.�? Classic. 2)Weirdly, yes. Kudos to the writers on actually making us feel that way about a character, that has shown his unmasked evil side to us countless of times over the last few weeks now. He can slaughter as many innocent party-twister-girls he wants, when the love of his life kissed the brother HE saved, that vampire was sad… 3)Obviously Alaric telling that doctor about his ring, which came completely out of the nowhere. Even after Damon warning him about her being a potential psychopath, he didn’t hesitate even one second to tell her his biggest career secret? That doctor cures people with vampire blood! She’ll steal your ring in no time, Ric, just you watch.


4)Have to go with Elijah here. We all knew that Stefan had lingering thoughts about his human-esque life in Mystic Falls and Bill Forbes wasn’t my favorite character when he tortured poor Caroline.
Elijah on the other hand... 5) “Better� as in: Not yet murdered people for fun? Why yes.
But didn’t she just bury her old high-school-self? She’s crossing over to the dark side. Fast. 6) Random. Of course you guys would go with the latter… Where did all the female reviewers go?

Grey's Anatomy Music From "Suddenly"

Loved their choice of music this episode. The music was as heart-breaking as Teddy's reaction and Snow Patrol fit perfectly with welcoming Zola back.