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Blair and dan best couple eva afta chair fail!! cant blame it on 'em haters.. its love, evn if its boring to ya wat matters is its interesting to the pple involved in it(dair) n to me too *wink*


I love the Dair couple,, infact i had bin routing 4 them evn be4 they bugan dating..cus dis jus goes 2 show that yes!opposites can attract!! its nt always d prince getting married to d princess,,it can also b an unexpectedly butiful princess n pauper story

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

oh that i love Dair! Yes i loved chair n got rly sad wen dey broke up the 1st tym, but i looked at d bigger picture n loved Dair.. blair needed a dan. chuck only brought out the evil in ha n such childish competitions.. nw wit dan she's tuu inlov to evn think of of those childish mind games n competes.. i find their couple intellectual n fun,, nuthin near boring..
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