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I liked this episode until Mike just didn't shoot Anson in the back as he was walking out of the apartment. The reason Fi said "I killed those men" was because she thought that Larry had some type of dead man's device that set the bomb in the office building foyer off, not because she thought her blast triggered that bomb - she used a rather small amount of c4, which they (Michael and Fi) both know would not set off another bomb that far away. As for the stuff about his dad, Anson did not even intimate that the dad was a spook at all; he did hint that he had taken the dad and tortured him for info of a personal nature on Mike before or right after anson burned michael lo these many seasons ago (which is the kind of information a psychiatrist would want, as it would provide triggers to manipulate Mike). I was so aggravated that Michael did not just kill this guy and then figure out a way to get Fi off the hook - that would have made a MUCH BETTER season finale; then the tension would have been the government mishandling him while he was still trying to do his local work. I'm with the other guy, I was completely ready for the whole who burned me thing to end in sudden violence for the last person who was responsible for it, and was rather PO'ed that they are trying to drag this whole thing out for another dang season!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHH; all I can say is, Anson should be killed by Mike within 2 - 3 episodes now that he knows who the 'final' burn guy is. BTW; Mike's dad was a piece of crud who got drunk and beat his mom, and he was pissed at his mom because she never left the dad and took the kids away from him. I thought that was actually very apparent almost since the mother character was introduced. All that being said, this has been a great series.