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NCIS is my favorite show for years now. First I was so upset when they killed Kate, but I think Ziva was a very good choice.

Liked this season and I also liked the show last night.

I have no idea how many people here on this board are from Germany or even visited my Country. I always find it so funny that

a) All Germans speak with an American/ English accent
b) That no matter in which part they are supposed to be, they seem to think Germany = Bavaria.

Sure, if you look around in Berlin, you would be able to find this kind of restaurant where they where sitting, with a waitress dressed like this or you will be for sure able to buy the gift Tony bought there somewhere.

But nothing should be associated as typical for our Capital as it was there.

I am not upset or anything and I think many people make the same mistake when it comes to other countries, I just wanted to point it out.

Oh and I am from Bavaria (Munich) ;)

Sorry for the of topic



First of all I really loved the episode. It had everything that got me hooked in the first place.
I am so happy that Sally is back, she gives regicide a whole new dimension.


About Huck? I am not sure,I saw the promo for next week and for me it looks like he came into the room, put the hood on and started to pack up – why would the weapon still be at the window? If you assassinate time is of the essence, and you simply do not take a potty break so to speak.... Also it seemed tome that he saw the one casing on the floor and started to search for more – maybe just wishful thinkking?


Well, with every other show I would say Mellie did it, but here? Maybe something different was supposed to happen.
Maybe Liv's new boyfriend did it. He is much to nice for this show so far.
I really like this show it makes you think and even can surprise you, what is in my book a refreshing difference from many other shows currently running.