Hi, I'm Megi I'm 16 years old and live in Belgium. I started reading the books of GG and they were great, i just loved them. I saw on the internet that it was on tv in America so I bought the dvdbox. I loved it and I still do. Now I download the episodes of season 3 one day after they aire in America.

My favorite character is Blair Waldorf, Queen B. Her clothes are so amazing. I also love Motherchucker, Basstard, Basshole,... And the whole relationship between those 2! I also love the friendship between B & S, they always go back to each other when they have a problem. The only character I hate is Vanessa.. :s WTF is she doing there ??

xoxo Megi

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Gossip Girl Round Table: "Dan de Fleurette"

Queen B is FINALLY back!! Missed it so much the last episodes...
Loved the episode!

Gossip Girl Forum: "The Lost Boy"

I think in this episode Chuck will kiss a guy.. :s