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Taylor Momsen Prefers Older Guys

I'm just gonna out right say this... "FUCK YOU TAYLOR!!!" First of all, saying that you're all "mature" doesn't count when you go around slamming the entire demographic that you're supposed to be appealing to. Yes, it may be true that 16 year olds at school are immature and petty, I agree with you, but the way you say it is like saying EVERY SINGLE ONE is like that when clearly they are not. For someone whose supposed to be a "role model" you're sure as hell not acting like one. Second, You may have had to grow up early but what makes you think no one else has had to? Are you suddenly the only 16 year old in the world who has had to mature quickly and deal with hard stuff? No I don't think so. Third, In 5 years time do you think you'll still be wandering around with that ridiculous "look" you've got going on and preaching about liking older guys whilst looking like a cheap slut at the same time? I doubt it. Forth, You may live an "adult life" but do you pay tax and mortgage and rent and manage your own finances? Or do you sit around all day being an "artist" writing your craptastic songs and thinking about how hard your life is. Fifth, maybe the reason you've had "loads of boyfriends" is because your a stuck-up bitch who thinks she's above the world and all life's "petty" issues. I mean, poverty, human rights, recessions and crime etc, clearly don't mean that much to you as long as you continue getting your big pay check and touring with equally shitty role-models (Veronicas)whilst the rest of the world can suffer. You sicken me Taylor and the way you walk over people like GG, fans, PR etc and if I hated you before now, I absolutely detest you. PS, "Eat them up" LMFAO, you don't eat anything.