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Ringer Review: "She's Ruining Everything"

Like it as much, maybe better than the first episode. If they can keep this up, I'll be a regular viewer for sure. It's a rare show I actually set the schedule reminder for, but this is definitely one of them now. Great to have Geller back!


I thought the first episode was pretty good, and I' hoping that the series will be able to continue to surprise. I really don't get why some reviewers out there, like Mary McNamara of the LA Times, are making disparaging remarks about Geller's acting abilities. She won a Daytime Emmy and got nominated at least once for a Golden Globe Award - so her acting can't be that bad! I for one think she's a great actor, which is one of the things that raised Buffy above most other genre series, along with the rest of that great cast. Here's hoping her new series will enjoy a long run!

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