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Castle Review: Checkmate!

These comments are very interesting. Most people appear to have very strong feelings one way or the other. What surprises me is that I no longer do. I was a rabid fan for three years, but now find that the series just leaves me lukewarm. I long for the early days - Rick a smartass, but kind and good to his family; Kate smart, funny and good to her team. I understand that characters need to change and develop - I want them to. But Rick now just comes across as weak and, frankly, whipped. He never stands up to Kate anymore, just blindly follows where she leads. He actually said as much in this episode. And a jealous Kate? OK, it's now been done to death. I agree that the writers have too many balls in the air right now. If the show doesn't get renewed (and the ratings are down), there are going to be a lot of unresolved issues.

Castle Review: An Epidemic of Evil?

I have to agree with Sue Ann. I felt as though everything that happened was something we had seen before, and better the first time around. I love this show, but the last few episodes have slipped. Will be very interested to see the second part in hopes that it restores my faith in this show.

Fringe Review: "Subject 13"

Did no one else notice that the puzzle Walter gives Olivia to make her angry is the exact same puzzle that Sydney Bristow solved as a child, proving to Jack that she was gifted? Not my favourite episode by a long shot, but am interested to see where they take this.

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