hey. i love gossip girl, glee, the office, pretty little liars, jersey shore, and more :) 

i am and always will be a chair and finchel fan! :) 

if you love any of these too, lets talk!

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i love it when lea sings, her voice is absolutely amazing. and i really like her and finn together, so i hope they get back together :) yeah rachel can be a huge bitch sometimes but to me her voice makes up for it hahah. love it

Glee Review: Take This, Dina Lohan!

I am so annoyed right now. Ive been rooting for Finn and rachael for forever and now that they just broke up he is going t start going for quin again. That just bugs me but rachel is still my favorite character, not really liking finn right now. Loved the puck and achel duet, so cute. I really liked the songs,i dnt know just the whole quin and fin thing turned me off to the episode. But whatever still lov the show. Cant wait for tuesday.


so i was in love with all of the chair scenes. chuck bass-sooo goodlooking. anyways, i think she made the right decision but i dont think they should give him a girlfriend so soon, but whatever its their show. i just hope it doesnt end up ruining their relationship, which would really suck because they are so perfect for eachother. but anyways jenny seriously pisses me off to no end. she needs to take all the makeup off and shed be fine. poor serena, team brooklyn just ruined her life in one night, but next episode looks very good, i sort of like serena and dan together. hopefully they either stay together this team or just not do it at all because how many times have they dated and then broke up within two or three episodes. hahah but i love the show, this season is awesome :)