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they will do anything to keep us hanging on the cliff.
Nobody is dead, they will all come back. And if the story behind it is not logical - they will get another witch to cast a new spell - and Tada!
Because it it Mystic Falls where R.I.P. means Return If Possible


Yeah! Finally! They picked me up again.
Made me remember why I love Glee
There is no need to look for logic behind the story how Sam came back. Fans wanted him, and I´m glad they did. I did not know how much I missed that smile until I saw it again. I love Trouty Mouth, I know that now. And he fits in. Thats that. If he and Mercedes get back together, we´ll see - don´t put too much into that smile Mercedes had on her face. I guess the audience did not like to see her with that big football player who wants to give her beautiful chocolate babies. Well, sometimes screen writers listen, we´ll see.
Mike and Tina, get married, you belong to each other. What Tina did for Mike, that is true love.
Finally his Father saw what we see every week, Mike ´s happy, Father ´s happy, end of story.
I love Kurt and the sequence between him and Sebastian, words can do more damage than fists. And Chris Colfer´s facial expression can tell stories I was more than happy that they let Chris Colfer sing a Jackson song - and not belt out another Broadway Hit. Thanks for the break. I mean, the guy is outstanding! Use his talent.
Nice to let "the band of unknown boys-that-are-so-uninteresting-they-don´t-even-have-a-name" had a tiny chance to step out from the backround. They deserved it.
Shelby, you were there you´re gone, fine with me.
Puck, cut your hair, you look like you carry a racoons tale on your head. Finally they let Artie sing again. I missed him. We need more Kevin, that´s what I keep tweeting, somebody must have heard me. Red Solo Cup, I saw Toby on stage a couple of weeks ago, he´s great and the song is stupid but still great, yes that is possible. It´s a feel good song and Sam and the guys had fun singing it.
Santana´s warm welcome speech to Sam - awsome. Could not stop laughing As you see, the fun is back
The songs great
The feeling is back And I learned that less Rachel does not hurt.


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Someone's going to die. WHY?!

How about Figgins?

Sue becomes Principal again and plays one of her ugly little games to ruin Glee Club?

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