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TV Fanatic Mid-Season Report Card: Heroes

Mohinder is pretty useless but anyways. I work at Universal Studios Hollywood and the carnival set is set up right next to where I work so I think I can guess what is going to happen on the upcoming season. So far while filming just last week I saw the trailers for, sylar, peter, hrg, lauren, mohinder,claire, and ando. So I am guessing that there actually is going to be a meet up at the carnival or why else would all those characters be filming a scene at the same time? It's going to be epic.

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This was simply the best episode of the whole season. Everything is changed and I personally think that Fugitives is going to be great. We get to see Nathan as a villian, Peter with his powers back and everything thats going to happen with this Hunter. If you're going to whine and complain about the show and how it's going downhill then stop watching it. Everything makes sense and some characters haven't been seen again because maybe we are just not ready for them yet. Have faith in the show and watch the upcoming season. It's going to blow everyones mind. Sylar isn't dead though. There's no possible way. Somebody is going to find the body and pull that piece of glass out of his head and he's going to back and more brutal than ever. They are not going to kill off the best character in the show. The main thing I am wondering about the future though is who is little Sylars mother? I really thought elle because the relationship but no I have no idea anymore.


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