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House Review: A for Effort...

I must admit I haven't watched House for a couple of years now as I tired of the pill addiction thing.. but recently I started watching again and I must say I have enjoyed the growth of House and the attempt at reaching his emotions and true feelings! Addicts relapse, as do we all at one thing or another. What I would like to see is their relationship continue as obstacles appear and work through them in the midst of their work. Depth needs to be created for relationships to run smoother. Cuddy and House are at the top of their game in the medicine world.. but can't seem to grasp on to the fact that relationships ( their own ) might not ever be at the top... Hang in their writers! We still want more...

Lie to Me Review: "Killer App"

Best LIE TO ME episode to date! I really enjoyed the calmer more emotional Cal as he demonstrated his overwhelming, yet tender love for Gillian...a pure love. He seemed more composed while sharing his intellect with others which was more powerful to me. Having said that, I didn't like the scene with Wallowski ( sex with no sex) as that seemed to diminish his love for Gillian. The ending scene however, was epic as Cal admits his love for Gillian to Emily. Wonderful acting as that scene brought tears to my eyes. In addition to all of this, another show stopper for me was the stellar performance given by Kelli. What a superb actress. Overall, I have high hopes for season 4 as this show and the chemistry between Tim and Kelli is like food for my soul. Thank you for the support.