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Thank you for mentioning the weather! This has bugged me from season 1. I
grew up in New England, and we certainly did not run around in
sleeveless shirts and dresses all year round. Plus, jackets were a
necessity, usually starting in September. And then in winter-winter,
scarves, gloves, hats, etc. Granted, you usually wear the same coat or
coats all winter, so finding new ones for each episode would be
unrealistic. Wait? Did I say that? When has realism ever stopped this

Pretty Little Liars Review: Fatal Games

Pretty impressive that the cops can tell if someone is using their memory or their imagination with a lie-detector test! I thought those measured heart rate and temperature or blood pressure—and Ali was certainly hooked up for those things to be measured. They'd need an MRI to see which parts of her brain lit up when answering various questions. Maybe her real name is Bethanny Young... I agree with the reviews over the last several weeks that Ali has been played inconsistently. She has looked worried and scared when no one was around, which belies her being in charge (of the situation, of the girls, of whatever). Then at other time, this episode for instance, she smirks while looking away and then looks serious with others (Emily and Ali and the text message). I can't manage to keep track of all the various clues, but that goes on for me in the books, too!


I was disappointed about the illegitimate child cliffhanger. As said in the round table, it feels like General Hospital! G-S is already pretty incestuous, so to speak. I guess Dr. Pierce should be thankful that Ellis put her up for adoption given what Meredith went through. While it gives the message of "life goes on without Cristina," it took away from her leaving. People had already called Shane going to Zurich with Cristina, so it wasn't much of a surprise. But it looks like he went to the airport with her and just got on the plane, which, especially these days, is not going to happen. (Plus, he was wearing the same color scrubs when he got her for the meeting at the end...the only clothes he had?) I had no clue whether Leah was a good surgeon or not; she certainly seemed to be a good doctor in this episode. I thought the cutting of an intern was nicely done by telling her she needs another specialty. Richard was very nice and gentle about it, and he's probably right. And it's not like she couldn't stay at S-G; after all, there appear to be other departments when they decide to show them!

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