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I love your point about Serena and Chuck! They seriously need to get over themselves. When Blair and Serena were having that convo about Dan and Serena had something about Blair between interested in Dan b/c she had him first, I was like seriously? Its really interesting that Serena is so mad that Dan and Blair are friends and acts like its a major betrayal but seems to have forgotten that she SLEPT with Nate while he was DATING Blair. Yea...kind of NOT the same thing. And as for Chuck...I used to see Chair as endgame but now I really don't know. As much as I love Chair's chemistry, Chuck has to do something super big to show how much he cares about Blair. And proposing won't do the trick. It's just his way of claiming her. I actually like Dan and Blair. I think they're good for each other. I think thats why Serena is acting like such an idiot because she realizes it too. She realizes that Dan and Blair are both brainiacs who also have the hotts for each other.

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