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New Girl Review: Pogo Sticks

Such a massive improvement on last weeks crap, I am reminded why I adore this show.

Glee Review: Turning Tables

During the holiday period I reignited my love for Glee and was waiting with baited breath for this episode and I was sorely disappointed unfortunately.
I echo the complaints of most of the other commenters my two main being: the unrealistic and unnecessary crushes (wasn't Blaine just absolutely distraught over loosing Kurt, why wasn't this brought up properly, and the Tina crush was just absolutely mental, even when she asked Blaine why he said no at not one point did he point out the obvious ....) ; the Rachel/Brody storyline - being in love with him! Asking him to move in! They could've built it up a bit it's gone from zero to fifty in like one episode.WHERE ARE THE CHARACTERS WE KNOW AND LOVE?! What I did love was... Becky as always was hilarity; Blam VS Warblers were brilliant; Bieste just having screen time I missed Sue, didnt miss Will and can't wait for Santana next week!