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I can see the relationship between Morgan and Hotch, since they have known each other for a long time and had grown trustful of each other. But I would expect Morgan to be distrustful of Prentiss for awhile as well since she technically lied to him also by supposedly dying on him. Reid will definitely take it the hardest because of the past issues with his father, Gideon, Elle, and other people leaving him. His mother because of her illness. But he knows he can fall back on Morgan, since both feel the same way toward Prentiss and Hotch, and possibly JJ as well. I would like to see more interaction between them though. It's been lacking in the last few seasons, at least since season 3. Season 6 was good with them actually bonding again. Rossi is probably indifferent about the whole thing, and Garcia is still happy as a clam. I can't see her hating or disliking anyone for what they did. She'd be the most forgiving probably.

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