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Grey's Anatomy Episode Guide: "Holidaze"

A Christmas episode without even MENTIONING Izzy??? (except for that one stupid comment) I am so diappointed! Very, very sad right now :( Couldn't they at least have said sth. like "Yeah she would have run crazy with the decoration"... Or plan the shooting for the CHRISTMAS episode for when Katherine was back!!! Oh man. Angry and sad at Grey's right now. Plus of course, as many mentioned before: Too much in one. I used to like Holiday episodes. Why not more?

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Pink Slip Party

Well, Sydney wasn't in season 1, so I am going along with those saying it's Olivia. Nurse Syphilis might have to go :)Well, but this is so tame, sending off a character everyone had forgotten about anyway. Ooh, and where could I see the promo photos, Mari? Thanks!


"Wouldn't you, Mr. Bear?" - "Yes, I would!" OMG, this so freaking HILARIOUS!!! Whoohoooo! God, Cristina in peds is awesome,her 'what-the-hell face is so, so good.

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What Episode Is This? - Help (Episodes)

I have a question just like that: Which episode is the scene in, where Izzie keeps walking through the hospital halls, complaining to Cristina and Mere, and both of them don't listen. Then all of a sudden, they are gone, hiding out in some closet or sth. and Izzie goes like "What? Where are you?" It's hilarious, but I can't remember when it was. Please help!

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Would you rather..

Oh, SO have Denny back. I want a speech where he finally tells her she should be with Alex, then a kiss, a farewell from Izzie and then have her WAKE UP!

Would you rather get married on a post-it or in a churchy church?

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You know you're a Grey's fan when...

You know you're a Grey's fan, when...

... your best friends show up at your birthday/costume party dressed as Dr. Izzie Stevens and Dr. Callie Torres. Scrubs and everything.

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