Gg obsessed


Hey I´m Natalie...and I´m totally crazy about GG XD

I´m from Europe,Austria..15 years old...

And REALLY yeah...I think about GG,One Tree Hill or 90210 all the time ^^



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Gg obsessed
Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Lost Boy"

OMG ! ! Chuck Bass is soo great..He´s soo sexy (HIS VOICE) XD I liked S too,I think she´s normal again..S&C...soo sweet

Gg obsessed
Gossip Girl Ratings Slide; What Can Be Done?

I think some of the characters are boring...
I mean why is Nate with that stupid Bree girl?..he doesn´t have anything to do with the others anymore...I mean weren´t Chuck and him really close friends? and S behaves kinda weird too...what´s up with her?? and OMG Dan & G ?? -.- but GG is still great,but just because of Chuck&Blair

Gg obsessed
Dan and Nate Picture

Oh my gosh...they are so hot !!! ..but I think that N shouldn´t be with that girl (what´s her name again? XD) and Dan..WTF?! ...with G ? I couldn´t believe it...cause I´m definitely a huge fan of S&Dan ;D