i love gossip girl their fashion is amazing their style is amazing and i love all of the characters !  
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The Hurt Locket

only five hours away!
i am so excited
it is not showing in Australia
bit i will search every single website until i find it
CHUCK AND BLAIR should stay together
and serena and dan
and then Nate and Jenny
that would be the perfect world xx G

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 86

Blair: My New Years Resolution is to not gossip about or destroy anyone.
(seconds later)
Blair: Chuck; are you alright?
Chuck: What happened?
Blair: I was talking and then you just blacked out.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 86

Blair: I love you.
Chuck: I love your buttons.

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The Treasure of Serena Madre (Season 3)

I am hopeing that Jenny wil loose it to nate,

that would be hot.

But i have also realised there are not may hot guys her age on the show,

so it is kind of hard



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How do you think Dan is gonna react to Serena and Nate?

Dan might react because he went out with Jenny,

and dan and nate are getting closer.

But I guess he will react if he is Jealous of them,

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well if we are being honest  .

it is absolutely

HOT! (imagine this word in big letters)

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