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Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

damon & elena, the vampire diaries
chuck & blair, gossip girl


lets go back to basics shall we? GOSSIP GIRL: ALL ABOUT THE SCANDALOUS LIVES OF MANHATTAN'S ELITE. Gossip Girl = scandal, schemes, juicy gossip, drama, excess wealth! Chair = scandal, schemes, juicy gossip, drama, excess wealth! Hence, Chair embodies what Gossip Girl is all about! Dair is none of the above! They should be for a romantic comedy series, not Gossip Girl. Enough said. :)


THE PHILADELPHIA STORY: The setting of the film is among the privileged upper class society in Philadelphia. Hepburn's character, a self-willed young aristocratic heiress (nicknamed 'Red' by her ex-husband), is on the verge of a second marriage. The Philadelphia socialite has divorced her dashing, colorful, pompous, playboyish husband (Cary Grant) and become involved with a chilly, solitary, self-made and dull business tycoon/millionaire (John Howard). The plot thickens and becomes complicated when her irresponsible ex-husband appears on the eve of the wedding, with intentions to keep her shielded from an overly-ambitious, cynical tabloid newshound (James Stewart) - a second male principal who is also vying for Hepburn's love on the day (and night) leading up to the ceremony. By film's end, she is rescued and persuaded to return to her playful and chastened husband. Seriously wishing this is what's going to happen! Team Dark Knight FTW!!! :)

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