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actually I am almost ashame to say that I stopped watching GG since dorota's wedding, why?, because I do not like a GG without chair.
And knowing what is on the next eps, does not makes me watch the show, this is the first time I do not watch it, even when chuck compared blair with his dad's horses, or when blair got together with L.M., or the gentlemen club with ellen, or your not my wife so stop pretending, or blair being a pain in the ass in NY, whatever, I kept watching it but I really think is too much. I know I have to watch the episodes because I do like the show, but hey, I gained my addiction on victor, victrola, so I only watch because of chair, most people dont like knowing that some people just wath GG because of chuck and blair, blair and chuck, but I do and WTF chuck and jenny!!! I just hope please no dan and blair on season 4 please too much for my heart, I think I will stop watching GG until the series finale when chuck and blair are happy together :S

Collette Momsen

well no wonder why her daughter, is the way she is! :S

Leighton Meester in Yellow

is it me or her hair looks redish? and I agree about her looking like rory

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Any Erik Haters Out There?!?!?!

well I actually love ERICK! or ERIK or whatever... soo Im hoping he put Jenny from the Brooklyn on her place xD.. but I know he is a good guy and be really worried when he finds out with whom jenny hangs ):

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Tonight episode made me remember why i love chair so much

yeah you did miss it, it was when bart was saying chuck needed to close the deal, and he being soft and not being capable of being office's chuck and blair's chuck at the same time, so bart said he was soft and then said mocking him.. i love you too!

and yeah I also love chair today.. and I dont think their ILY's are because they are insecure because seriously I would not go through that hell for someone if I did not really love that person, both blair ans chuck have been fighting eachother, theirself, other people to be together for a not love-base relationship. so I do believe when they said ILU they mean it!.

and I agree with cacherr1 today we could watch a mature true love, they been growing up as a couple together and I love it, they seem to be more stable =)

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Ed was great!

he was beyond amazing, I love his acting, because of his character he can prove he has acting skills, he had showed us like in 2x12, 2x13, and others, he really made us feels his suffering!

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