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actually I am almost ashame to say that I stopped watching GG since dorota's wedding, why?, because I do not like a GG without chair.
And knowing what is on the next eps, does not makes me watch the show, this is the first time I do not watch it, even when chuck compared blair with his dad's horses, or when blair got together with L.M., or the gentlemen club with ellen, or your not my wife so stop pretending, or blair being a pain in the ass in NY, whatever, I kept watching it but I really think is too much. I know I have to watch the episodes because I do like the show, but hey, I gained my addiction on victor, victrola, so I only watch because of chair, most people dont like knowing that some people just wath GG because of chuck and blair, blair and chuck, but I do and WTF chuck and jenny!!! I just hope please no dan and blair on season 4 please too much for my heart, I think I will stop watching GG until the series finale when chuck and blair are happy together :S

Collette Momsen

well no wonder why her daughter, is the way she is! :S

Leighton Meester in Yellow

is it me or her hair looks redish? and I agree about her looking like rory

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