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This episode was just OK. it was just really uneventful. It seemed like the same old scenes over and over. I mean Jenny giving into Blair's ban in Manhattan, minions following Jenny, Serena and Colin (who's her professor and she's not supposed to be with him, blah blah blah), etc. Blair and Chuck's war came to an uneventful end as well. A couple words from Jenny and they are done with the war. Poor story writing. I am looking forward to next week though, seems like that episode will be good.


I have not been able to read through all the posts, but I hope i'm not the only that thinks it is SO FREAKING WEIRD that Dan, Nate and Chuck seemed like they moved on from Serena and Blair so fast. Just an episode ago, Dan and Nate were semi-battling it out for Serena and all the sudden, they are over her and hooked to another girl. Chuck is supposed to be in love with Blair but totally blew her off when he saw her. At least with Chuck, he has been dating Eva all summer. But Nate has been sleeping around to ease his pain from the breakup and now all the sudden he has moved on? Same with Dan, he just decided to get back with Vanessa? I mean it just didn't flow well in this episode. From the promo, it seems that Serena at least hangs out with Dan next episode, but the 3 guys being suddenly fine and with new women just seemed WEIRD.


Loved it. Love the song and actually love her style. Yeah she wears a lot of makeup and stuff but ppl need to realize she's not some pretty little pop star trying to fit in. I love that she stands out.

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I don't know if someone posted this already but here's the full article explaining the pics from the person who started this forum topic.

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