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Taylor Momsen Rocks Out ... Hard Core

you people are crazy; she looks amazing.
obviously not many real-life 16 year olds would go out in public looking quite like this, but that's the thing: she's NOT an every-day girl. she's Taylor Momsen. she's in a little rock band. she's on a major sexy tv show. she has like, the longest legs on the planet. she's a famous 16 year old with no Disney contract (thank God). and she's seriously good at rocking this kind of attire.
she's allowed to dress like this.
plus, she'll probably grow out of it anyways, it's just a hollywood-ized version of the rebellious phase.
I say, let her be. she can sure as hell pull it off.

Taylor Momsen at the Globes

loooves her dressss.

Golden Globe Style

she definitely looks better without the crazy raccoon makeup, or the super-dark lipstick. she looks great here.