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The Mentalist Review: Psychotic Soulmates

@ Sue Ann, I disagree with you when you say it would have been better for RJ that Jane was free, or to kill him. I believe that their "relationship" grew along the seasons: in the first Rj tried to kill Jane; in the second saved him, telling him in a subtle way they were connected; in the third he just tried to "honor their connection" making him suffer by killing his collegues or, at least, by sending him in jail. About all the critics on the way the RJ arc has been developed, I must say I'm not displeased. It was clear that this arc couldn't stop just with the death of this man: there were too much unsolved questions and religious implications to deal with. So I believe there were just two alternative ways to start the fourth season:
1) this was actually RJ, but his followers, a sort of evil cult, threaten Jane to seek vengeance for the death of their leader; 2) this wasn't RJ. I think the writers chose the easiest way to continue, and actually the better way for those who are critics with the fact that the RJ acr is still unsolved: now Jane has a motive to keep on working with the Cbi, RJ is still alive, and porbably the show will leave this arc on a side for a while, because everybody thinks that Rj is dead.


@ Chief Inspector. I agree that without RJ ther is no Show, but that doesn'mean that this one coldn't be the real RJ. We already knew this is a sort of evil cult, he could have decided to get killed by Jane for some fanatic reason and now the church will regard him as a god and follow his legacy, or maybe he wasn't RJ, but for me RJ wants Jane to become him, he wants that Jane become evile and follows his footsteps.