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Thursday Gossip Girl Casting News & Notes

I don't think Ausiello means that Lady G, or Batman or Robin will be making a guest appearance. I think it's going to be a Halloween Party! (Which is long overdue in GG). I am sensing this will be a very, very, very amusing episode.

Ms. B.

Few people look good in yellow...Lei is certainly one of them!

Chace is So Hot

He went from Zac Efron to RPatz. Great improvement, Chace. *Sarcasm*

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Fanfic Help

Hi guys, I was reading 2 fanfics before that I forgot to bookmarkThe first one is about how blair and chuck used to date, but then he left her for georgina, and now georgina is making blair's life a living hell and chuck basically is dating georgina but seems to still love blairThe second one is set in S2, during blair's downward spiral, but instead of shoplifting and all that, she goes on a drug spiral with carter's help, and serena and chuck are trying to help her get betterThanks for the help guys, really appreciate it:D 

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OMFG, 4.22 Script Spoilers! (Supposedly) (Spoilers)


Honestly, I'm a bit skeptical about the whole Charlie part. I mean, I don't think Carol would just pretend to Cece and Lily that she had a child, and then Serena wouldn't know that she had a cousin named Charlie. I dunno, if this ever pushes through, it would just seem to disorganized.

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Okay so, Chuck.

Not all Chair fans. Dont overgeneralize. Just because some teeny bopper has bad boy redeeemed fantasies by blowing up twitter with death threats,  doesnt mean her psychobabble reflect the overal viewership and chair supporters everywhere. We all have our reasons for things. Whether you agree or not.THANK YOU.

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