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Glee Spoilers: Welcome to New York...

I am glad that Quinn can move on. So glad that her character will be seldom. I adore Dianna and wish nothing but good fortune for her future endeavors. I never liked the Rachel/Quinn friendship. So, as to the article, I think that SJP will be such a plus to Kurt's story. Their characters will be so idiosyncratic and colorful to be together. The Rachel make over will be awesome.

Glee Poster and Cast Photo: Who's Missing?

Glad for the new season to begin with all the stars in it. Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Whoopi Goldberg to start with. Glad that the cast was weaned down some. Glad Puck will be back some. I don't think the picture represents anything by who is or not in it. So we need to wait and watch the show.

Kate Hudson on Glee: First Look!

Me 2. Will is a nice guy but over the past 2 seasons he has been portrayed unfavorably. I love the thought of another Sue type teacher. Besides, I adore Kate Hudson. I think Kate's character sparring with Rachel will be awesome. I think this new format of Glee is just what is needed to put back the spark into Glee.

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What's Your Favorite Glee Episode?

Wheels, Sectionals, New York, Born this Way, Prom, Ballad were the best of Glee IMO.  There are others that were good but not up there with excellent.

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Top 10 Favorite Glee Characters:

1. Rachel Berry

2. Finn Hudson

3. Kurt Hummel

4. Santana Lopez

5. Noah Puckerman

6. Sue Sylvester

7. Will Schuester

8. Emma Pillsberry

9. Brittany

10. Blaine

11. Mercedes

12. Artie

13. Tina

14. Jessie

15. Mike

16. The Berry dads

17. Sam

18. The Band

19. The Piano man

20. The Warblers

21. The crew

The least favorite is Quinn Fabray.

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Favorite couple??

Finchel is where my heart is, always.

Puckleberry love their friendship.

St Berry because of the friendship between Lea and Jon.

Klaine they are so lovable.

Tike are loving and genuine.

Quinn with no one.  She is just so mean, even Puck said she was more selfish than Rachel.  I used to ship them but Puck deserves better.  Quinn needs time alone for while.

Never Finn/Quinn.



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