Love travel,photography,history,dancing,love funny jokes,music all types, Especally Grey's A. Music, reading a good book , love the ocean anywhere near the water and I'm in heaven. Love light houses,ferry boats,and horses. I am a Pisces bd is in March. I live in Philadelphia , Pa. And I'm Madly in love with Grey's Anatomy. I'm single and my cat's name is chloe.
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Valentine's Day Massacre Sneak Preview #5

Teddi is really getting on my nerves!! She should have NEVER told Owen anything about how she feels. All she did was jam him up with all this emotional turmoil for her friendship and his love for Cristina.
Sometimes in life you NEED to know when to make a grand stand or walk away. This in my mind was TRULY a walk away situation.!!
Everything does NOT need to said in a relationship like this. Some things are meant for you to carry to the grave!!!


THANK GOD!!! She is leaving this is the best news EVER!!!!
I agree with you 100%.
The show has been SOoo GREAT without kh and tr knight. As far as I'm concerned, they HAVE NOT been missed!! The story lines for the rest of the cast is/has been just great this season. I'm LOVING IT!!

The Good Wife Review: "Painkillers"

This is the BEST DRAMA on television!!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!! Look forward to it each and every week!!
The suspense, the acting OUTSTANDING!!!

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Forever friends of Burke & Cristina (Relationships)

Okay, so, Mer finds out she is pregnant, Der gets shot, Who is dragging Bailey on the floor??

and Cristina/Mer get to perform some awesome surgery!!!

Don't know how much of this will turn out o be true, but this finale sure as hell will turn out to be outstanding!!!

Everyone enjoy the show tonite.

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Forever friends of Burke & Cristina (Relationships)

I can't believe how long it's been since I've dropped in to post.


I sent you and the girls an e-mail yesterday re: my thoughts on the show. Like I said I have been watching and keeping up with our favorite couples.

Hope to hear from Irish, Hafsa,BF and dinofigg tonite or tomorrow.

To ALL the Greys fan enjoy the show tonite.

Is it true  that Der gets shot next week/season finale?? Okay, so what's up with that???

Der is a surgeon not an administrator. Sure will be glad when the chief gets his job back!!!

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Dr Ben Warren and Dr Miranda Bailey (Relationships)

I agree with Celeste,

Bailey is long over due for some happiness. Bailey and the gsaman, now that's funny!!


Okay, so, singtim

you don't think people that weigh more than a skeleton don't deserve to love or be loved??

What's up with that??

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