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Juliette: I totally get where your coming from with the annoying April Christianity thing.I mean if she was that close to god then why can't she repent and go back to the way she was. It's getting annoying and making Avery feel like crap. It really would of been great to see Meredith and Lexi get to say goodbye to each other. I just can't believe how poorly written this script was. I wish I could say I won't watch it again, but I just love these characters. I hate how they are writing them.


I didn't love this season finale. I like the intensity of the doctors trying to save each others life's with the only things that they had around them. I wasn't to happy about Lexie's death but I understand that the actress and Shonda both agreed on this outcome. My biggest problem is that her death should of been a huge climax in this episode. I understand it's a tv show so not everything is going to be realistic so if she is going to die in a plane crash then make it intense. She was crushed under a plane and died in the first 15 minutes. It could of been intense with all the doctors trying to save her life with their own major injuries. Meredith didn't even get to say goodbye to her sister, b/c she was looking for Derek. She had a heart breaking scene with Mark and then she dies. This episode never felt like it had a climax. Everything at SG was just boring. She shouldn't of been trapped under a piece of metal but had other crazy injuries and everyone trying to save her life until she succumbed to her death. It would of been more dramatic at least. I'll miss Lexi and just wished they would of given her a better way to go out..I'll still be watching next season b/c I'm invested in the characters not for the writing. The first three seasons and 5 will always be the best. P.s. Lexie was about to be a 5th year resident just like O'Malley with no storyline before he died too. It's as if they feel like if they fly under the radar for the season their death will have more of an effect. Sucks she didn't get a better storyline this season before she was killed off. At least a kiss or something from Mark before she died..jeeze

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