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I cant say I missed her, but I dont hate her either. She is a part of the cast for so long, that she deserves to come back even just to make some more problems (as Jenny)

Taylor Momsen Smoking: A Bad Message?

She is defenitly not the best role model. But I think that no metter how obssessed you are with Gossip Girl or Taylor you have to know what is good and not. Otherwise there are many other famour people who are not the best example fot a role model and you will soon do some other stupid things.
I am mor worried about her. She is only 16. What is she going to do when she turns 20? Slit her wrist? Hope not.

Promo For First 2010 Gossip Girl Episode(s)

I am not sure if I undertood that right. Are we going to wait for the next episode for 3 months? Or is Gossip Girl staying until Januar?
I am asking myself what CW is thinking. Last episode was so good (in my opinion the first that was realy awesome). And now they are canceling it? WTF