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The Gossip Girl Reality Index

At the end of the episode when Bart goes to apologize to Chuck, what the hell was the Basshole doing reading a book?? Chuck Bass is way too sexy and way too good to be sitting on his bed reading a book in the middle of the day! Where's the gin? Where's the joint? Where's the girl? Minus 5

Round Table: "Bonfire of the Vanity"

1. I have to agree with "DANDY" when Blair was discussing Cyrus' love for hugs and his absolutely nerdy catchphrase. Priceless B. 2. I'm kind of rooting for Jenny and her dreams of becoming a great designer. I myself have big hopes and dreams for the future. But it's really time for Rufus to step up and it's time for Jenny to understand that not everything is handed to you on a silver platter. 3. I definitely prefer Cyrus over Aaron. At first, i thought that Aaron was going to be a great addition to the GG cast. He's hot, mysterious, and to my total suprise a completel douche. Serena needs to kick his ass to the curb officially... hopefully he won't be on the show for very much longer. But I love Cyrus! It's always fun to see someone out-smart Blair Waldorf! 4. As for Vanessa I could care less where that loser was. But I was desperately craving a scene with Nate. Where has this sexy gossip guy gone to?? Guess we'll find out next week! 5.i really want to see Chuck and Bart mend their relationship. But judging by mass amounts of rumors about the death of Bart Bass, it's not looking too good for Chuck. And it's definitely not looking too good for Dan if he runs that article he wrote... And while we're on the topic of Dan Humphrey... I wasn't digging him this week. He's turing into a selfish-douchebag.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 24

What the characters are thinking:
LILY: *If Jenny's here that must mean that Rufus is here! Where is he I wonder??*
JENNY: *I wish she'd just stop talking. She still wants to get on my good side so she can hook up with my dad.*
NATE: *Damn, Lily. You're way hotter than Serena.*