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Hawaii Five-0 Review: Oh, the Horror

Danny was a complete idiot today, I expected more of the father and daughter moments after 6 episodes of absence and his comments were disrespectful. What saved the Danno was the brief moment with Dr. Asano and discover that he spoke with a spirit.
I love Max, he was excellent in The Matrix. And I liked Charlie's coming back.
Kono appeared 2 seconds more this week, but still there isn’t FIVE-0 team. Kono is needed. LORI'S Case The moment that Lori was struck in the head, I was very happy. I dreamed of his death. Wo Fat will put an end to my suffering. Since the beginning it was classified as highly trained agent who worked in counter-terrorism unit with profiles (Criminal Minds Agent), began career in the kidnapping unit, fight Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu and other fabulous things we will be discover of this exceptional agent. However, not showed up this episode and the end was overthrown by an act of distraction. That was my limit. She is sensitive or is the version of Steve? Even the writers do not know how to put it into action. Steve and Catherine was a lovely couple to see, they had warm moments on the beach and in your home. I can’t imagine this with Lori.
I love Steve, he is perfect and once again was right in calling attention of Danny. I think he should invite him to live at your home. Oh! Another thing I liked was when the team met outside of work, this is the second time this season, something that was constant in the other.

Grey's Anatomy Review: Batter Up!

I'm so happy to have my show back, sex, love unresolved, friendship, major surgery, drama, learning (by the way I think Cristina was O'Malley's time). Only the lack Karev finding love and indulge in pediatrics.
Perfect =)
I hope it stays that way.


I agree with you at all.