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Greek Review: "All Children...Grow Up"

and one more thing. hope beaver gets a bigger exposure/role. he's just so funny. i was actually hoping for an ashley-beaver love-hate relationship to develop but it just didn't push through.
but oh please, hope cassie & cappie would get back together asap. i waited for 2 seasons for them to be together.

Greek Review: "All Children...Grow Up"

disappointed with cappie & cassie breaking up. what happened to "taking chances"? it's starting to feel like a cassie & max relationship all over again. bring them back together, just give them more grown-up concerns.
but it's pretty cool that calvin is being shown in a different light here, away from his struggle of being gay in a straight society & away from his recently ended gay relationship with grant.
rusty is doing ok too, his relationship with dana is not overkill compared with his past hopeless romantic relationships. that did not seem to suit his personality. this one seems to work.
dale is simply hilarious. he's pretty consistent. from season 1 to 3.
evan & rebecca? well, not too relevant for me. does not make me wanna look forward to their developments. i just like them as evan as evan, rebecca as rebecca. but together, hmmm no spark for me there. but it's seems just fine. no violent reactions.
overall, greek is still my favorite. looking forward to a 4th season & i will keep on watching this show. (as long as there is reason to keep on watching) :)

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