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i love greys anatomy that is what i think about night and day. I have been watching greys anatomy since i was 11 and now i am 15. I am the middle child of 7 so i get intrupted every time i watch greys anatomy. My fav characters are merideth christina and derek.
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Greys anatomy 1 fan
Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 325

Arizona: Why am i here
Sloan: HE is definitely a Sloan
Girl Sloan: I really need some new boots to go with this baby look
Addison: I Can't believe i'm back here

Greys anatomy 1 fan

I read second page comments and i dont think april because she is probably is going to be the hero and owen will hire her back. If derek dies shonda will see the rating drop so fast even if he is in the flash backs. Mer just wouldnt be mer if at happened. I kinda think richard cause he is planning that safe dinner for them so you never know

Greys anatomy 1 fan
Grey's Anatomy Review: Looking Grim

i want next week to come and go i want to see more greys anatomy. I know that all the original are back its already been comfermed I think it can either be lexi or arizona. I cant say which because if arizona die then alex will step in her place but i dont know how that affects other characters though only alex will have a reason. If lexi dies then mer will stay so will derek and christina will stay to be her 2nd person. Alex will stay out of guilt and that is good. Derek Wont die so stop saying that