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Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: A Funeral Scene?

I KNEW I shouldn't have clicked on "Spoilers"....I live in Germany so I am still working my way through Season 3 on DVD, but I think I had read something online after the Finale about George being injured....Still, now it's so real. I just watched them take their Intern Exam in Ep. 24 and decided that he was my favorite character, and actor, on the show.
So now I'm really grieving...in advance.

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Anybody here from Austria?!

I'm in Munich.

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You know you're a Grey's fan when...

And if you're still reading this thread...

I'm a newbie since we're living in Germany and I only got started on Grey's in Feb. when a friend here lent me a copy of Season One....I was like, "another hospital show? Ummm....we'll see if it's any good"...and Bam! I was totally addicted after the first episode. On our stupid satellite connection, I caught a couple episodes from Season 3 during the day, but we don't have a DVR or TiVo so even if the ones they play at night are the current season (which I doubt) they are on super late and there's just no way I can see them...

So, over here, you know you're a Grey's Fan when....

You put it on the DVD in the basement in order to watch while exercising (which you hate), and you find yourself wanting to exercise, just so you can watch another episode!

You go to your in-laws' house in Switzerland, which is kinda boring because they don't speak English and you don't speak much German, and you totally zone out on the couch with the portable DVD and earphones and explain to them, "Sorry. It's my drug."

You call your friend to ask her for seasons 2 and 3, and you say, "I need my Grey's", like a crazed junkie.

You order seasons 4 and 5 from Amazon.com, paying $12 for shipping, per DVD, just to get them over here, ASAP!!

You register at a web site like this one, and feel grateful that someone else cried when Meredith almost died (picture me on the Eliptical, laughing and crying alternately, while my son looks on, rolling his eyes at crazy Mom)...as well as countless other times when the show had some really poignant moments.

You just really appreciate a show that makes you laugh and cry during nearly every episode. Bravo!


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