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i feel like if they keep screwing up the relationships like this and make it so flaky with a zillion characters that greys will turn into a cheesy soap opera... we want good quality storylines for our already large cast and to keep em all together!! jeez!


im so annoyed by this. so far on the poll, 95% of us don't want a bigger cast...i wish the writers would understand!! i feel that the bigger cast will add lots of things to talk about but why cant they focus on deeper stories for cast members we already have but dont have a lot of background info on? For example, we could explore Alex a bit more, or learn more about Arizona. We could look at Callie's relationship with Arizona and give them airtime, or find out more about Mark's past..? I feel that would strengthen our already large and wonderful cast and have audiences more invested in their characters. We need to dig deeper, people!


all the couples are great, but owen and christina seem to have the most interesting storyline and their characters have a lot to offer. with arizona and callie, or mark and lexie, i feel like they need more depth and bigger stories to bring out their relationships style and to create more interest!! but dont get me wrong, they are all great!!

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Addison & Derek or Addison & Mark? (Relationships)

Addison and Mark for sure...way more chemistry! It seemed she was happier with him than when she was with Derek.

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