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Glee Review: Winners Like Them

Klaine was amazing! I'm so glad that they finally gor together!

Glee Review: Winners Like Them

The musical numbers were amazing!! Ok, I am a huge Quinn fan but the way she has been acting lately on the show is terrible! She was way to harsh to Rachel. But at the same time, when Quinn was telling Rachel to get over Finn and "Get it Right" it seemed like she was admitting that she was settling for Finn as she now believes that she can never have a happily ever after. I think that she has a lot of unresloved issues! I am actually a huge huge huge Quinn/Puck fan and I would also love for her to get back togeher with him and for Rachel and Finn to be together again as they most likely will judging how Finn was smiling at Rachel during "Get it Right" (which was amazing!) Fingers crossed! :)


I am a HUGE Lexie/Mark fan and I was really mad when she rejected him! The rest of the episode was really good though:)

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did Mer agree to have Der's baby??

That would be awesome.....somethings coming theres a reason why they talked about it!

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Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Relationships :) (Relationships)

1     Mer/Der

2      Lexie/Mark

3      Arizona/Callie

4      Alex/Izzie

5      Denny/Izzie

6      Mark/Callie

7      Owen/Cristina

8      Alex/Addison

9      Lexie/Alex

10    Richard/Ellis

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Meredith+Derek=McBaby (Relationships)

In the previous episode sympathy for the parents mer and der discussed a mcbaby, so there must be hope the writers  wouldn't have done that for no reason

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