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Hmmm , not sure how i feel about this but .. Its probably just a rumor and not true at all like the numerous rumors about Sebastian and Leighton getting/being engaged .

V is For Victory!

Tho i wouldnt wanna see Vanessa Win ... i must admit she looks pretty in this picture :)

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Favorite Gossip Girl Episode of ALL TIME?

My two faves are both from season 1 = "Hi Society " & "Dare Devil " :)  

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GGI member quiz

Name: Jennifer

Age (NR): 18

Location (province) NR: New York

Random fact about yourself: I'm bi and I always have my nails painted some color .

Interests/hobbies:Dancing ,shopping , swimming , fashion and playing tennis .

Favorite GG character:Georgina Sparks 

Role Model: Joan Jett 

Favorite Music Artists:Joan Jett , Christina Aguilera , Florence and The Machine , The Pretty Reckless and more . 

What you want to be when you grow up: Not sure , fashion designer maybe :) 

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Dinner Time!

How is she not banned yet ?

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