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House Review: "After Hours"

If you look at the tags, it clearly says review, NOT spoilers!
I live in the UK and I like tv fanatic because I can read whats happening in episodes that I would otherwise have to wait and see what happens. For example smallville and supernatural the series tv fanatic has been reviewing, they have not even started airing in the UK and smallville has ended in the USA.
I have friends in the USA that watch the same shows as me and thanks to tv fanatic, I can know what my friends are talking about.
So I thank tv fanatic for posting reviews and information!


Yep you're right, after the 'i'm a good soldier in a storm' speech.
I totally understand what you mean about Callie commiting to Arizona. Its like Callie does'nt appreciate how hard it must be for Arizona. Callie didn't even talk to or ask Arizona's opinion about the tests on the baby. Callie just told Arizona and Mark her decision at the same time. Whether straight, gay or whatever, say you were using a sperm donor who wanted to be involved, you would still talk to your partner about the tests, especially when your partner worked in paeds!
Then at the end of the episode Callie says how impressed she is with how Mark handling the baby situation, but she does'nt say shes impressed with how Arizona is handling it.
But I read that in the next episode, seeing Arizona fedup of Mark getting everything right, Callie gives Arizona a baby shower present of a trip away for the weekend. So maybe in the next episode we'll see some appreciation towards Arizona!
The news of the baby storyline did not excite me either, but i'm giving it a try. The thing I dont like about this storyline is the relationship is now a threesome with Mark getting involved.


I hope the reason the parents are there is for a happy reason. People talking about Arizona dying, I DON'T want to see that! I like Callie and Arizona together.
Is it just me, or is anybody wondering how Callie's dad will react to the baby news. He's deeply religous. Anyone remember how he reacted when he saw George, after comitting adultary when married to Callie. Slammed George against the wall and then did the same to Mark when he found out Mark had slept with Callie when she was still married.
I know he came round to the idea of Callie having a girlfriend.
But now an unwed Callie is pregnant. I can't see him being happy about that!
When he came round to Callie having a girlfriend, didn't he mention to Callie about marrying Arizona in the future. I wonder if Callie's parents pressure Callie and Arizona into marriage.